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sleepy- taurus sun, aquarius moon, aries rising
hope- scorpio sun, sag moon, cancer rising

Anonymous said: best match for capri sun with aqua rising and moon in capricorn

Capri sun… Lolol hmmm
Probably a Taurus, Rising Leo, Moon in Virgo :)


Anonymous said: What opposite signs do you like together?

I like all of them for different reasons..

But i really really admire Sag/Gemini. Especially if they have this in moon signs. It’s very exciting!

I like virgo/Pisces. I think both can be their for eachother a great deal.

Taurus/scorpio can be a struggle, i only like this for like sexual reasons or if both are interested in a challenge.

Libra/Aries can be conflicting too. Both are complete opposites so it can be hard.

Cancer/cap, i like this just not in the moon placements because cancer is too emotional while caps aren’t at all.

And last, Leo/Aquarius. Together they are okay but Aquarius tends to give a lot and Leo just takes and takes


Anonymous said: Best for a Pisces sun, Libra moon and Leo rising?

Scorpio sun, gemini moon, Aqua rising

Anonymous said: Is it possible for an aries & a scorpio to have a healthy relationship? I'm a female aries and I'm involved with a female scorpio & it is so hard to talk with her about us. She is so cold all of the time. I am open & she is so guarded. I feel like I'm talking to a damn wall most of the time. I want this to work out bc she is a great person but I don't know of she can give me what I need on an emotional level. Is there any advice you can give?

Yeah that basically describes the Aries/Scorpio relationship or friendship even. More so with both females. You both feel and deal with emotions differently. Aries likes to get their feelings out in the open and Scorpio bottles it up. You cant change much about this.. I’ve been friends with an Aries for years and nothing’s really changed. Aries thinks scorpios are cold but really they have a lot more control of how they feel and chose what they want to show. And sometimes its hard for scorpio to fully except Aries fire & how they say things so honestly. This pair is a struggle, you have to really understand the difference between the signs to make it work.


ruminationssc said: What can annoy a Virgo? What should I do if he's annoyed at me, should I talk to him, or leave him alone?

A lot of things annoy virgo because they tend to be very picky and detail oriented. But nothing annoys them more than other peoples stupidity and nonsense lol. I would maybe give them space at first and then try to talk to them.


Anonymous said: Who's best for a Tauro with Leo moon and Leo rising?


Anonymous said: Who's best for a Leo with Pisces moon and Taurus rising?

I’d go for a Sag; Cancer moon, Scorpio rising :) A Libra would suit you well too


Anonymous said: Is there a reason a taurus would go from hating, to loving, to hating, an so on --the Scorpio in their relationship at almost extreme speeds?

Yes because they’re opposites, both are super stubborn and very different & you may never see eye to eye on things. It’s like a love-hate relationship


Anonymous said: What do you think of a Taurus/Aquarius friendship?

i LOVE IT. lots of spiritual and arty conversations


Anonymous said: I have some taurus Q. Is it normal for a Taurus to detach themselves often? Do they have trouble vocalizing the way they feel? Do they tell you the truth or what you want to hear? Once a taurus has given up, is it hard to bounce back? I've heard they appreciate food more so than others. Is that true? Would a taurus appreciate being paid for, or would they rather do the paying? Do they appreciate romantic gestures, and to what extent? Do they have to be reassured of their romance? Thanks!!

"SOME". Okay… yes it’s normal for taurus to detach, it also depends on their moon sign but taurus need alone time, yes they have trouble vocalising what they feel and often feel misunderstood, they read the situation and tell you accordingly aka if ur crying on your bedroom floor eating chocolate they’re not gonna be like "yeah it was your fault tho" they’re going to comfort you but if you ask them straight up to be honest and not spare their feelings they’ll do that. Yes taurus are stubborn and when they hit the floor they don’t want to leave it for a long time and have a hard time doing so. They do I guess, they experience the senses stronger than others and appreciate luxuries so food falls into that category. They’d rather do the paying as they like their independence but wouldn’t mind if you wanted to spoil them sometimes. They love romantic gestures of all kind, so long as they’re into you. At first they need to be reassured but once they’re convinced of your love they’re very laid back and trust you and are very low-maintenance. They guard their heart well so you have to work your way into that ‘laid-back and giving’ stage.


Anonymous said: what are your top 5 zodiac otps? :D

Hmm well here are mine ..

Taurus & Cancer
Gemini & Sagittarius
Cap & Scorpio
Pisces & Virgo
Aquarius & Libra


Anonymous said: Is there something beneath the exterior of a aquarius sun, virgo moon? I notice he's very guarded. And will run away from any emotion. He loves me..... He says. I love him but I feel like I don't know him, any advice?

Yup very true for both the Aquarius & Virgo. There’s definitely something there if a virgo moon is telling you they love you. They never settle for anything less! But there’s always emotions somewhere for them it just takes a while for them to surface


Anonymous said: I like this Scorpio guy but he confuses me. We used to "talk" but then he moved so we stopped talking. Well he came back for the weekend and we were supposed to hang out, but I had to work and he made a comment saying that's okay, i didn't talk to you that much anyway or something along those lines and ugh wth and now he keeps getting all these gf's and breaking up w/ them a day later and he is just to frustrating. I like him, but i feel like he is rubbing all these girls in my face

Well he shouldn’t be doing that, even if he’s trying to make you jealous. Just come out and say something to him. He’ll appreciate the honesty.


Anonymous said: Hello there! I am a Cancer girl with a Leo moon, Pisces Ascendant, and Leo Mercury. I was wondering if I might give off an air of frailness or fragileness (sorry about my spelling). My friends (Sagittarius (2), Aries 1, Scorpio (2) Libra(1) all seem to think so. I mean,one time in gym my Aries friend got hit in the face with a dodge ball and everyone laughed and then I got hit in the hand with one and everyone assumed that I was in extreme pain or something.... Sorry if this question sucks

I totally get what you’re saying… I get this all the time too. It’s because you have your sun and rising in water signs. You appear to be very fragile & others know better not to hurt you.. Aries give off a more firey vibe & everythings funny to them. But as a cancer others look at you like you dont wanna be messed with, ppl might feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you bc you have such a soft presence & they dont want to disturb that.


Anonymous said: I really need your input, because I am having a difficult time understanding myself and who I really am. I am a female with a Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, and Capricorn rising. I only relate somewhat to the descriptions about Cancer suns, but I see a great deal of the eccentricity of my Aquarius moon and seriousness/aloofness of my Capricorn rising much moreso than the nurturing/emotional aspect of my sun sign. I know the rising sign is supposed to just be the image you project, but I feel *cont*

If anyone wants to read the full question of this lovely anon, here ya go :P