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sleepy- taurus sun, aquarius moon, aries rising
hope- scorpio sun, sag moon, cancer rising

modes-surannees said: hello; I'm a sag - venus scorpio - mars virgo. And I'm in love with an Aries - venus aries - mars cancer. We were more like buddies hanging out together, like "two hearts of stone" but I just fell in love Haha. I don't know, I feel his love and I see he's acting really cute with me, but maybe am I thinking it cause I want to ? Do you think there's any chance for us? He never ever settled down and as a venus in scorpio I rarely do. But here I feel like it's different. What do you think?

Yes totally go for it, it seems like a good match. Only problem: your venus’ but it would be really passionate but you can make it work


wooooaahhh said: hey! I was wondering about my sister and I, can you tell me why we sometimes don't get along and why we do? I'm a gemini with an aries moon and she's a capricorn with a pisces moon.

bc youre totally different and you don’t see eye to eye. you frustrate her a lot and you think she’s too mean. other times you help each other since you’re giving and because you make her open up and she grounds you


Anonymous said: Isn't venus exalted in pisces? I always thought so

um no taurus and libra


Anonymous said: Character signs for New Girl ??

Omg i LOVEEE new girl ! :3

Jess- Libra
Cece- Scorpio
Nick- Taurus
Schmidt- Leo/Virgo
Winston- Capricorn/sag
Coach- Aries


Anonymous said: I'm a Pisces sun Scorpio rising Aquarius moon and Pisces venus, I really like a cancer boy but are we compatible? And how do I get him interested?

yass. Be yourself and compliment his house


Anonymous said: What would be the character's signs in Gossip Girl? :D

Blair- Scorpio
Serena- Libra
Dan- SCOPIO (only bc of the revelation)
Nate- Libra
Jenny- Gemini
Chuck- Scorpio
Lily- Virgo
Rufus- Capricorn


The signs as youtube comments on ‘Nicki Minaj- Anaconda’













Anonymous said: Hey, to the taurus girl who got called cute by the sag guy, it can totally work. My mum is a sag and my dad is a taurus and they've been married for almost 20 years. So it can work if you try!

I agreeeeeeee


Anonymous said: This Sagittarius (Capi Moon) guy called me cute but I didn't realize it at the time cos I was around some people I didn't know (only person I knew was our mutual Aries friend) I was kinda quiet but I'm a Taurus (Capi Moon) and we would never work out cos we are two completely different people and I just want to cry BUT he kept trying to get me talk and ugh I hate my self I was always mean to him when he came to my school :(

Omg babe calm down. It CAN work okay you clearly like this guy from the way you’re crazed about it and he called you cute! He may like you too. Taurus and sag do have a lot of difficulties to overcome, sag will talk your ear off okay but it’s alright bc you can make witty comebacks and sag will appreciate your few but impressive words. You can make it work okay trust me I have a sag best friend and i’m a bull-headed taurus.


Anonymous said: How would pisces female and Virgo male go as a couple?

OTP. sister signs are great together as there is lots of chemistry and you allow the other sign to grow. you won’t get bored of them plus you teach them new things and improve them


Anonymous said: How would a Gemini rising in Virgo deal with, stress/ anger/ depression ?

they would keep it to themselves and eventually become nervous, uncomfortable, super argumentative, hypercritical, superficial, cynical and dishonest


Anonymous said: I'm a scorpio sun, sagittarius rising and pisces moon... who do you think would be best for me? C: (love your blog by the way <3)

thaaanks. u and CANCER w/ libra rising would be super hot


What you're probably thinking (part 1)

  • Aries:  "I need to do that, and this, NOW! Don't stop me"
  • Taurus:  "If no one's going to listen to me, I will go and do it myself"
  • Gemini:  "The work will get itself done. I'm busy doing absolutely everything else"
  • Cancer:  "I hope I didn't come across as bitchy, but I just really didn't want to go along with that"
  • Leo:  "I'll show them that I can do it better"
  • Virgo:  "So many things need fixing...... Not enough time....."
  • Libra:  "I wonder if they actually saw me for who I was trying to be"
  • Scorpio:  "Can't all these people leave me alone? I only have an interest in things no one else knows"
  • Sagittarius:  "I can't wait for tomorrow / next month / 5 years from now"
  • Capricorn:  "Idiots..... Idiots everywhere..."
  • Aquarius:  "I have an idea! Everyone's gonna thank me for this"
  • Pisces:  "Does anyone else see this the way I do?"


the orange is the new black astrology girl

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Anonymous said: How could I tell if an Aries wants to break up with me We barely talk anymore

That’ll be it, they’ll be more distant and start doing shit without you. They’ll put you to the side.