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Anonymous said: Yeah, I did the OITNB off personality. I felt Piper fit the Libra, I wasn't going on actual birthdates because I don't think writers take in account birthdates when writing their characters. She's idealistic, diplomatic but she's also superficial and indecisive. I feel like as she tries to make others happy, she loses herself and doesn't know who she is.

Anonymous said: Dude, you're totally wrong about the OITNB astrological signs. Piper would be a Gemini because she was born June 7th. Just sayin.

They’re obviously basing their assumptions on personality not the fictional character’s made up birth dates -.- 


Anonymous said: Hi, Im a Taurus female and has been in love with a Cancer male for about 2 years. I havent told anyone bc i am used to get hurt When i open up emotionally. I dont expect a relationship, would love one, but im more scared of losing a dear friend. Hes always been there for me, called me at 4 in the mornin when ive been shitty and defended me. I want to express how great he is and that I love him. But im still scared. Should I still tell him even though I am the one holding myself back? Thank you!

You should definitely tell him. Cancers love all form of affection and are definitely not ones to straight up reject you or cut of all contact with you. They will be extremely flattered and grateful that you appreciate their friendship and their time, go for it!


Anonymous said: how long does it take you to answer questions??? i asked one about a month ago



Anonymous said: Orange is the New Black: Piper - Libra, Alex - Scorpio, Lorna - Gemini, Nicky - Aries, Red - Capricorn Poussey - Leo, Sophia - Virgo, Daya - Cancer, Gloria - Aries, Tricia - Pisces, Janae - Taurus, Big Boo - Sag, Yoga Jones - Pisces, Brook Soso - Gemini, Vee - Scorpio, Taystee - Aquarius, Sister Jane - Cancer, Flaca - Pisces, Maritza - Aries, Pornstache - Aries, Bennett - Cancer, Larry - Virgo

Anonymous said: HI so I'm a Libra girl with a giant crush on an Aquarius girl and I was just wondering if our signs work together ? (BtW I love your blog so much it's super rad and I'm glad I stumbled across it!)

Aw, thanks! And yes, Libra and Aquarius work really well together as they’re both air signs. They’re both very elegant and love art, travelling, culture etc and connect well on a mental level. The relationship is stimulating and intellectual. There is also a great emotional connection as you both feel comfortable around each other and are not likely to judge each other.


Anonymous said: what do you think are the signs of the characters in the show "orange is the new black"?

I don’t watch this, i’m sorry! If any of you wanna send in an ask/submission doing this feel free :-)


Anonymous said: Pros and cons of having a scorpio moon?




Anonymous said: Tell me why Taurus and Scorpio would be perfect for each other :D? I love the two zodiacs, I actually draw pairings for zodiac signs and I matched them long before I found this blog ahaha !!

they are opposite signs meaning they r kinda soulmates

perf for each other bc


Anonymous said: Which is better for a gemini girl with an aries moon and aries venus and libra rising? a leo guy, aries guy or a libra guy and why? Thank you!! I love your blog!!!!

They’re all good but I’d say the libra would be the best for you in my opinion bc ur really fiesty and leo would just anger you as would another aries but libra would calm u down. also, libra is an air sign which goes best with your air sun sign and they’re super flirty but also romantic.


Anonymous said: I'm a taurus girl ready to tell my scorpio fb I love him. If he's not ready will lie and say it back maybe if he thinks he can or will... Or will he just say no?

he’ll lie and say it back maybe if he thinks he can or will. he won’t want to hurt you


Anonymous said: So my sister is an Aqua and tomorrow we are gonna put down our cat... It was mostly her cat but everyone in our family has been kind of emotional about it except for her. She has been really agitated with our Taurus mom who has been pushing my Aqua sis to be more emotional. I'm not expressing my opinions to my sister but I do worry that she's not really caring about it, or is it kind of normal for an Aqua to do this? -concerned virgo

Omg so normal.. Dont worry about her. Shes just doing the tough ass thing that aquas do. She doesn’t like feelings or emotions, none of the air signs really do, they like to be more mindful & logical that it is only a her mind shes probably saying its not the end of the world. If she does feel some kind of emotions towards the loss, which im sure she does, she just doesn’t want anyone to see that side of her. It makes her uncomfortable. Seeing others upset and emotional is uncomfortable for her too. It’s an aqua thing.


Anonymous said: im a scorp/sag "cusp" (scorp sun, gem moon, sag rising) female and ive recently been into a taurus male. What is the compatibly for the two? I'm really into him and i'm afraid of screwing things up /:

Compatibility is like 50/50 since scorpios and taurus are opposites. Since you have more firey placements it might actually be better because you’ll be more straightfoward and honest which taurus like, but you might also come off harsh sometimes and they don’t like that, they like really soft spoken ladies. Andddd since you have a mixture of fire and water you are probably very emotional he will respect that, but dont over do it because it rocks his boat and makes him feel unstable.


Anonymous said: Can you tell me how a Taurus female, Moon in Scorpio, Rising Leo, Venus Aries, and Mars in Leo with a Capricorn Male, Moon in Leo, don't know the rising, Venus in Pisces, and Mars in Scorpio! Thank you<3

We dont answer these type of questions, sorry

Anonymous said: Female pisces sun/moon, with a male taurus sun cancer moon, does this sound compatible? What problems would arise in a relationship?

I like this a lot. But taurus can be kinda harsh for Pisces especially when they get all wishy washy and play the victim. Taurus won’t put up with pity parties lol