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sleepy- taurus sun, aquarius moon, aries rising
hope- scorpio sun, sag moon, cancer rising

Anonymous said: im gemini sun virgo rising and sag moon and this guy is aqua sun sag rising and cap moon. how can we work? at the moment we are ignoring each other. (at least he is bc i was joking with another guy and he got mad even tho i told me that we wouldn't get close again. he is so weird. we don't understand each other at all.)

Because your moons are completely different. Sag moon & cap moon will never fully understand eachother, trust me been there done that. You can try it with eachother a million times. It will never work. You want freedom, you like to flirt and emotionally you could care less what anyone thinks. You like to have a good ass time & do what you want. Cappy moons are the opposite, theyre a lot more possessive and will literally become obsessed over you in a creepy “emotional” way. Im putting emotional in quotes bc they’re known to be unemotional but its complete BS lol… He wants you all to himself in his way or no way at all. Keep doin you girl.


Anonymous said: Taurus sun&venus,Sag moon,Scorpio rising,Aries mars.Female like? :)

We dont answer dees

Anonymous said: How would a friendship between a Libra(me), a Sagittarius, an Aries, a Scorpio and another Libra be like? Who would I clash the most with and who would I be the best on terns with?

You would do best with the sag. You may clash with Aries the most and the other libra. The scorpio you may get along with great sometimes and other times get confused. All signs would get along with eachother great, but the scorpio might secretly dislike some of you or vise versa. I dont see how scorpio could keep their sanity within the group, unless they have heavy libra or sag influences in their chart.


caramelvanity said: what do you think about a Scorpio (female) and a Pisces ( male) together?

Ship that 100000000000% go for it


Anonymous said: Compatibility between a: female aqua/pisces cusp, scorpio rising, pisces moon, pisces venus, scorpio mars, and male aries/taurus cusp, leo rising, pisces moon, pisces venus and taurus mars. We're pretty compatible right? We're both super sweet and caring. What problems do you think could arise in a relationship? Thanks so much in advance i love your blog!!!

Yeah pretty much perfection besides rising signs. Youre more quiet when first meeting people and you give off this intense vibe, but he gives off a lot of firey energy and likes being the life of the party. This could annoy you


franka90 said: How come I feel no connection to my sister sign (scorpio), not positive nor negative. Even when scorpio plays a big role in my chart. (Then I again I haven't really met many scorpios in my life.)

Because its your sister sign, and yes lack of interaction with them may be a huge factor


Anonymous said: So I've been talking to a guy for a while and we get along very well. I really like him and he likes me as well. Do you think a Virgo male and a Aquarius female would work out great relationship like?

Yes! I ship pretty much all air/earth signs. I think itd be fantastic other than when Virgo decides to put his strict rules on you and starts telling you what to do and when to do it. He may not like how free and flirtatious you are but if you two meet in the middle it can be a great relationship without a doubt.


waitingforthesoftparade said: Hi. I wa wondering how often you answer questions? I understand you guys get A BUNCH if questions so Its no big deal or anything I'm just curious! Have a great night :)

As often as we can

Anonymous said: What do Taurus guys like / how to attract one? (Capricorn female)

Take him to your favourite restaurant/cafe and tell him what you like in him as you ask him questions about his hobbies/friends/life and laugh at his jokes and smile a lot and then share a dessert and when u both go in for a bite and u get close enough kiss him. ur welcome



Okay so I’m looking for a new admin to help run this blog and answer questions. If you wanna do this (be warned ok you’ll get lots of questions and ppl will think that this is your day job or something), but yes if you love astrology are fairly competent in it and have lots of time and patience to answer questions then drop us a message.

Include in the message:

Cool, so yes, thanks for all the support so far guys. Just wanna make this better for you by getting a new admin and getting all those questions answered.


Anonymous said: What kind of friends are the signs??


aries: your unconditional drinking friend

taurus: “weekly coffee shop friend date” kind of friend

gemini: texts you, snapchats you, has you as their sibling on facebook

cancer: “ill bake you a pie so that sadness goes away honey” kind of friend

leo: “yeah you’re pretty… but not as pretty as ME so don’t overshadow me” but loyal and generous friend

virgo: study partner  

libra: let’s go shopping and tell our boy troubles - kind of friend

scorpio: makes voodoo dolls for the boys that hurt you, loves you to death kind of friend

sagittarius: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER friend (also randomly sings all the time) 

capricorn: quiet but supportive all the time, even when everyone said you couldn’t do it 

aquarius: casually walks off of relationships with no explanation but always comes back 

pisces: emotional and cry baby friend who sacrifices everything for others 

Best moment when (love version)



an aries says you’re the best
a taurus gives you a handmade gift
a gemini wants to go steady
a cancer shows you their favorite spot
a leo tries to cook for you
a virgo writes something about you
a libra stops trying to impress you
a scorpio acts childish
a sagittarius includes you in their future plans
a capricorn smiles widely 
an aquarius manages to express their feelings
a pisces blushes for no reason

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Anonymous said: Aquas and leos get along great!!!! As most sister signs do!

Yass I agree. BUT y’know sister signs are very love/hate so yes be careful when around your sister sign.


Anonymous said: hiii would a leo be better with an aquarius or a libra?

Definitely libra. Aquarius is leos opposite.